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I had a hysterectomy 7 years ago and have been on replacement therapy. Now my doctor days I am going through menopause. I am exhausted all the time. Forgetful. Emotional. Can;t get my thoughts clear, etc.


hot flashes are too awful. I suffered for over 20 yrs & I am 53 now with a surgical menopause and thought it was just going to be the way it was!! I would have sometimes continous flashes which would consume me, my thought patterns were totally disrupted and I was not well. I had no idea just how tired I was.
I had tried everything from every traditional to herbal to fad to anything but after spending huge $ stupidly nothing worked. I decided with my families huge support to try the net one more time and reallytry & find something.
I found a homeopathic company that had a menopause formula. I spent an hr on the phone with the CEO, I have medical experience so I was able to get to him!!, and he gave me about a 75% chance of it helping. The fact he didn't rave or anything and told me it might not work it gave me an idea that I should try it as he was not too pushy.

Well after trying the formula for a wk I knew it was going to have some positive effect on me. After a mth I was using less of the formula, sleeping at night, feeling more energy. Now after 5 mths I am never going to be without it. I am so much improved, I know now I can make it thru another day. My flashes are about 80% better, whenever I feel one coming on then I take my sprays ( this is a water base formula spray, you take 3 sprays and you are good to go!!). Anyway I have tried it with several friends and my sis and she even takes a bottle in her golf bag!!
I know the Dr that told me about this - Dr. King. - was not pushy, he is not a women, I however shout it from the roof tops and tell everyone I know. Why suffer when you perhaps don't need to??????????? I suffered too long. NO more!!!! Anyway here is what the indications for Use are for this formula:
For fast relief of discomforts associated with menopause: hot flashes, sweats, chills, clammy skin, heat in the head, headaches, hot feet, mood swings, anxiety, sensitivity, and wanting to be alone.
The tired comes better when you feel better!!! If you wish more info on this awesome product then please email me. It is not hormone replacement, it balances your hormones naturally.


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I suppose you had removed your ovaries as well when you had hysterectomy. I am not sure what your doctor meant when s/he said you were going through menopause now. You entered surgical menopause when you had removed your ovaries. The same happened to my aunt. She was taking HRT for a year.

According to your symptoms, I would suggest you had your thyroid gland checked. Thyroid disorders would cause just the symptoms you mentioned but so would a lack of estrogen.

Have you been talking to the doctor who performed the hysterectomy when you were told you were in menopause?