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I have a question. I am 19 years old and I have problems with skin. A friend of mine is taking Minocyline for the same reason. Is anyone familiar with Minocyline? I tried so many things and nothing helped- is Minocyline really effective?



Minocyline is a medicine, that fights bacteria in your body. It is used for treatment of many bacterial infections, such as acne and many others, and yes it is effective. But there are some things, you should know about Minocyline.
If you are taking birth control pills, you should change your method of birth control, since Minocyline decreases the level of effectiveness of birth control pills. (Do not take Minocyline if you are pregnant, because it can harm a unborn baby or infant (bones and teeth)).
You shouldn’t take any iron supplements, multivitamins or calcium supplements, within 2 hours of taking Minocyline, because they may reduce the effectiveness of Minocyline.
If your skin is extremely sensitive to sunburns, try using Minocyline in winter, because Minocyline increases the sensitivity of your skin to sunlight and severe burning may result.
Take all the Minocyline that has been prescribed by your doctor, because your symptoms (acne) might start to improve before the infection is completely treated. If the date on medicine has expired, you must throw away Minocyline, because it can damage your kidney and liver!!!
I believe you had some hard times with your acne, but Minocyline is a medicine and not a product that you can by in any store. Anyhow, before taking minocyclin you must consult your doctor and he will prescribe you minocyclin is needed (it depends on “bacterial stage” of your acne), but I guess as long as treatment lasts (1-2 months) it can’t harm you.
Good luck with your skin!