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I'm 16 years old and I have always had clear skin. Then I started gettin break outs and 12 day long periods. I had that for about a year and I couldn't take it anymore! My mom took me to the doctor and they put me on birth control pills. Dear baby Jesus, why. I hate them. Since being on OTC, I have had nothing but a horrific face, back, and chest of acne. And not the little tiny acne, THE GROSS HUGE ACNE. And not to mention the mood swings. I feel depressed all the time. I sometimes look in the mirror and cry because I hate the way I look.. I've never done that before until the birthcontrol. I've been on the birthcontrol going on almost my 4th months. And nothing has changed. If anything, it's worsened. I wash my face twice a day, with prescribed medicine from my dermatologist. I'm a naturally very hygienic person, very clean. But I just can't take this anymore. I'm afraid to get off of it because of the stories I've heard.. Someone help?


Hello Baaaaley,

If you don't need to take prescription meds for you acne problems then don't  The birth control pill has been know to cause problems for certain females in terms of acne and stroke and heart attack.   The birth control pill is not for everyone depending on any other medical conditions you might have that you don't even know at this point.  I suggest you try facial scrubs and moisturizers put out by doctors that are available over the counter.  A number of them contain benzoyperoxide which can be drying but they work.  If you have nodular cystic acne that is another matter and need to consider taking prescription drugs for that as nodudular acne can be painful and very scaring.   If your acne is more minor over the counter washes should work well for you.