Many women turn to Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) as a contraceptive because they don’t have to think about taking pills every day. IUDs are small objected placed in the uterus through cervix and may last and protect from pregnancy from five to ten years.
They are as effective as birth control pills when purchased from licensed manufacturers and dealers.

Eight doctors from California have been suspected of procuring intrauterine devices from unlicensed dealers and Internet vendors. The State Department of Health Services stated that these doctors didn’t provide evidence that they purchased federally approved IUDs from FDA-approved sources and they have put many women in danger that way. Considering that these devices haven’t been purchased from legal sources, their safety and effectiveness are not known.

It has been estimated that around 860 women have received suspicious IUDS and they have been noted by letters to check the effectiveness of the IUDs with other doctors and to consider replacing the current devices with new ones approved by the FDA.