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I’m 22 year old female and I’m fighting with acne since I entered puberty. The skin on my face is pretty oily and despite everything I tried so far, including birth control pills and Accutane, nothing really worked for the long term and obviously, even the puberty ending didn’t help my acne problem at all.

Now that I have insurance I’m going to visit a dermatologist again and this time I’m thinking if Epiduo gel perhaps might finally work for me? I know it can cause skin to become too dry, similar to what Accutane has already done to me in past, but maybe Epiduo is not as harsh for skin as Accutane was? Has anyone tried it? What was your experience?



I'm currently in my third week of treatment with Epiduo gel, both for the acne on my back and face (25 year old female). So far the only mistake I made was not to take seriously the warning that my skin will be extremely sensitive to sunlight, so I got pretty bad burns on my nose and forehead during the first week. So, together with epiduo, you'll need to be careful to protect your face from the sun.

As far as the results are concerned, my back cleared up visibly, but I still have to wait for the sunburns to heal completely before I can definitely say it worked for acne on my face.