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Does dandelion supplements decrease effectiveness of birth control pills?!

I was looking into beginning to take a dandelion supplement as a detoxification for my body. I've been trying to research this, but I can't really get a good answer. So, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you



As far as I know, dandelion supplements are used as parts of a detoxification treatment mainly because they have diuretic effect, which means that they make you go to the bathroom more often and with urine some of the toxins are definitely going to be flushed away from your body.

But, as far as the birth control pills and hormones they contain are concerned, there is some reason to think that frequent urination may lead to somewhat smaller effectiveness of birth control pill. Still, the best idea would be to call your gynecologist or ask the pharmacist when you go to fill out your next prescription. There is a chance that the pill might be less effective, so it’s better to re-check this before you start your detoxification.