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Hello all, I have irregular period and usually skip a month, then get it early in the next month. The last time i saw my period was on the 25th of november 2012, skipped december but wasn't bothered as this is usual. Its 17th of january now no sign of period, no cramps like i usually have. 2 home preg tests negative, went to see d doctor and took my urine sample to the lab and came out negative. I feel no symptom of pregnancy at all, and I am a bit scared if i am okay. Doctor said its normal and have to miss atleast 2cycles which has never happened before. He has advised that I should wait as he cannot conduct a blood sample for me until i miss 2 cycles. Waiting is so hard i am loosing it..................


I assume you have been having sex as you are a wife, but have you used birth control? It doesn't sound as if you are pregnant but you don't give much information yo go on.

  1. What were the dates of your HPTs?
  2. When was the urine test taken?
  3. What were the dates of unprotected sexual activity from Dec onwards?