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Hi everyone, I really don't know what else to do, here is all the details,
Here is the full detail of mom, she got sick in 1991, she always wants to stay at home and don't want to go out of the house, she hear voices like some people are coming to kill her, at that time doctor put her on SERENACE 5mg KEMADRIN 5 mg and STELAZINE .these medicines she took twice daily and remained well for 9 months then again she got ill so doctor gave her CLOPIXOL injection. the same routine continued for 4 years. then we changed the doctor and the new doctor put her on FLUANXOL 0.5mg and by that time she needed injection of CLOPIXOL 40mg, but after that she had a Left bundle branch block (LBBB) in the heart, doctors withdraw all the anti-psychotic drugs.and after few months she fell sick again and then we have to give her CLOPIXOL.but with no other medications, I mean tablets.
18 months back when she needed injection we gave her but it didn't respond so doctor put her on other drugs.,like
Then we changed the medicines on the say of the Doctor as she remained well for few weeks and again got back sick,

the new meds were
Same happened again on the zeldox she remained well for few weeks and got back on the sickness. Every time when ever she get sick we give her the injection of FLUANXOL 40mg.
Now she is on RESPERDOL 2mg HEXIDYLE 2mg and NOCTAMID.
Like the medicines before now on the RESPORDAL she has the same problem that we have to give her injection FLUANXOL 40mg but at the beginning she was good responding on RESPORDAL now the time is reducing as we gave injection at the beginning of the treatment on RESPERDAL she stayed fine for like 45days then again she fell sick and then after injection she went up to 30 days,now after 3 weeks she needs that injection so now the question is if there is any medicine which can increase the time on seems like she is not getting the right effects from these injections.

She is diabetic have high blood pressure and her left bundle branch is blocked.

For all these diseases she is taking

Please let me know what else we can do for her to get out of this long process of medication. thanks again for your time reading this, any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.



Unfortunately Schizophrenia is difficult to manage without medication. Most psychiatrists will tell you it is impossible.

For many people with Schizophrenia they experience periodic "breaks" throughout their lifetime. contrary to popular belief Schizophrenia is not a constantly active illness.

I think you listed alot of brand names that are in other countries so I'm not really familar with some of those medications. From what I gather she is being treated for Schizophrenia, Depression and Anxiety.

Other than her medication, what type of therapy does she have?


hi, thanks for your reply, she does not have any other therapy going just medication, i would like to know why she is not responding to her medications specially Fluanxol depot 40mg. thanks again for your quick reply.


the medications which are not understandable are
kalm=quentiapine furmarate 100mg
capoten=captopril 25mg
glucophage=metformin HCL
zolid=pioglitazone HCL
tenormin=atenolo 50mg
now i hope you will understand all the meds that she is taking if more details you want please let me know.the biggest problem is the time period of the injection is decreasing now it has come to 21 days and i think for the next time it will decrease to 11 or 12 please help us .we will appriciate your help


The quetiapine fumarate (called Seroquel in the US) is used as an anti-psychotic typically for older people with Dimentia.

Captopril is used to control blood pressure. It also helps with Left ventricular failure after a heart attack. (or possibly indicated for use in Left Bundle Branch Block)

Glucophage is used to control glycemic levels. In other words it helps stabilize blood sugar (when eating reguarly).

pioglitazone is used also to help control glycemic levels and is often used when medications like Glucophage are not working completely.

gliclazide again is used to control glycemic levels.

Is her blood sugar controlled while taking these medications?

As for injections what medication is that they are injecting? There are injectable forms of a few of the medications you listed. I assume it's to control an acute psychosis.


thanks for the reply,the injection is FLUANXOL 40mg/dl.yes it is an can work for one month,as it is an depot.but in my mother case it is not working as it was working like 18 months we dont have any other the doctor is putting her on to clozaril.