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Okay, so this is what has happened and I'm unsure if I'm just worrying too much :/
I've been on birth control for about 9 months and I forgot to take the pill one day and that night I had unprotected sex with a guy (my bad, I know). So the next day I go and get the morning after pill and take it about 19 hours after I had sex. The lady at the chemist also told me to take the birth control pill from yesterday and today, so I had had heaps of hormones. The lady also told me, because I was about a week away from expecting my period to just skip straight into the active pills for next month and miss my period, which I did. Nothing felt different (besides from me being a bit emotional probably from the sudden increase of hormones). And at the end of the 21 days of active pills, I had my normal bleeding like I had any other time on the pill. The thing is, I stopped taking birth control after that bleeding and it's been 34 days since and I'm yet to get my period (I was never really regular when I wasn't on birth control anyway). I've had no symptoms of pregnancy besides from like... I guess you could say mild cramps in my lower abdomen, but I believe that'd just a bit of digestive problems and I also haven't been drinking much lately. I feel like I'm just pre-menstrual (i.e. greasy hair, a bit of acne) but at the same time, I'm a bit worried I could be pregnant... What do you people think? Is there a chance I could be pregnant?

(Sorry about it being so long)


I really think that chances you are pregnant didn't even exist in the first place, before you took the morning after pill, because being on the pill for 9 months, if you have been taking it regularly, is quite enough time for the pill to completely stop your ovulation. And you said it yourself - all those additional hormones from the morning after pill and stopping the pill itself after this long time are bound to cause changes in the levels of your hormones. You will just have to wait for things to come back to normal, or you can do the pregnancy test now - it's reliable since your period is late by now, but that would be more to ease your mind than anything else.