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Okay, after meeting a really great guy- I had sex with him without any form of contreception except for the good old pull out method. I took the morning after pill and started spotting which lead to my actual period. The spotting started on Jan 22nd-ish,(3 days after sex) turned into my acutal period ( i think) and then stopped on Feb 5th. Now, because I am really into this new great guy ( smile) We jumped in the sack again on Feb. 6th He pulled out, again.

My question is, in order to determine my ovulation, do I count from Jan 22nd( when I started spotting due to PLAN B) or from the time my period should have started ( and started flowing like normal) around Feb 1st?

If I am not preggers, I am getting right on the pill to ensure some peace of mind.

Thanks in advance for your help.


That's crazy stuff. I don't trust those pills.