I am a 36 yo female and have had the following symptoms most of the time for most of my life: Headaches; tension and sinus. Constipation. Flatulence. Constantly tired; especially after eating. Irregular periods. (My gyn said I am too young for menopause). Mood swings. Have had kidney stones and ovarian cysts removed years ago. Had my gall bladder out last year, but abdominal symptoms remain the same. Was diagnosed with Herpes and take Valtrex as needed. In the past year, I have continued with the above symptoms but also added hair thinning and loss on the top of my head. Mucousy Diarrhea (alternating with constipation). Increased flatulence. Burping. Coated tongue. Frequent joint and bone aches (had mild tendonitis years ago) and lower back and abdominal pain. Occasional heart palpitations. Most recently have been very dizzy/lightheaded most of the time. I don't have health insurance right now but even when I did, the doctors can't seem to put it all together. I'm too young to feel this old. Is it just multiple things (IBS, etc) or could there be one root cause? I've been trying to research but can't find multiple symptom database. I'm just sick and tired of feeling this way.