Hi there.

Thanks a lot for such an informative forum - this is by far the most resourceful of sites on health that I have come across.

I am 20 years old male. About six months ago I experienced my first panic attack. It was signalled as a feeling of blacking out at any time, severe heart palpitations and an unbearable feeling dizziness. I was extensively analysed by a cardiologist who ensured me that my heart is structurally fine. (he did all the tests, including - but not limited to - an ECG and a visual structural examination) I underwent a blood test that tested the feedback of my organs (liver, kidney etc) and nothing appeared wrong. I was sent home with the information that I was experiencing panic attacks and anxiety without any medication prescriptions.

Since that first experience (now 5 months ago) I have had an absolute horror trip in terms of health. I have a constant (never once went away) feeling of dizziness, indigestion, I have lost +- 8 kilograms of weight (down from 75 kg 5 months ago) have occasional abdominal pain and a severe, constant feeling of bloating. In addition, I have a constant feeling of tension in my abdomen (generally all over my abdomen, but more severe in the lower part - abdominal discomfort) Change of bowel habits and alternating constipation and diarrhoea which sometime normalizes.

In the face of fear of some or other gastrointestinal cancer, I went to see a general practitioner and we undertook a stool examination. Test results: No blood in stool, but positive for a common parasite by the name of Blastocystis Hominis. I was told by my doctor that this parasite is - under normal conditions (that is if the patient has a normal immune system and digestive tract) - non-pathogenic. However, I complained about my symptoms and he prescribed me some meds. My mother has landed also had a run-in with this parasite and experienced similar symptoms, however not as severe as mine.

I have been prescribed an antibiotic course (Probac) which I am nearly done with: The symptoms persist. Also, I am taking a broad-spectrum anti parasite formula by SOLAL which includes a variety of herbs including Wordwood root and the like. I am taking a good-quality multivitamin, extra vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, Omega 3, Olive Leaf Extract, Selenium, Vitamin E and Magnesium supplements - all to no avail.

I cam across a site where parasite patients experienced very similar symptoms to mine - this upped my hopes of this not being cancer! (my main concern)

My questions are these:

A - how do I know that this is not some form of cancer? (taking the incubation period into account) What are gastro-intestinal cancer symptoms? Does the fact that I do not have blood in my stool exempt me from cancer?

B - if this is caused mainly by the parasite, how do I get rid of the beast? (BH is known to be a very persistent kind of parasite which is very hard to get rid of)

Any other suggestions are welcome.

Thank You very much in advance for an answer - cause I am running out of answers!

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