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Over the past 5/6 months I've been experience the following:

- Fatigue, very fatigued.
- Night Sweats/Sweating in general
- Chills
- Nausea/Feeling sick
- Unexplained weight loss
- Constipation (so much so that to pass a regular bowel movement i need to use laxatives) , sometimes will alter between constipation and diarrhea.
-  Frequent urge to urinate and not being able to OR urinating but a very little amount, feeling full afterwards
- Pain joints, ESPECIALLY lower left back area
- Testicles have gotten larger
- Bleeding Gums when I brush my teeth
- Erectile Dysfunction, unable to get really hard, sustain an erection.
- Excessive gas, sometimes its like not even gas, it sounds like its air needing to escape
- Blood on the toilet paper when i wipe.
- Body jolts, feels like i'm being electrocuted
- Dark tea coloured urine. (i drink at least 1 litre of water a day so this confused me)

From memory 3/4 people in my family have passed away due to cancer.

I'm a 27 year old male.

Do these symptoms suggest cancer ? Or something else ? Should i get to the doctors ?


You're a bit young to be worrying about cancer...  Did any of your other family members get their cancers in their 20s?

You're quite young for liver symptoms too, but what you describe sounds a lot more like an unhappy liver than cancer, and this is something that should be looked into as soon as possible. 

I can't imagine what might be going on with your liver at your age, unless you are quite heavy, and a fatty liver is a possibility.  If you've got tattoos, it could be hepatitis.  If you've been on fad diets, or have strange eating habits/restrictions, this might explain it also.  If you're taking strange supplements or iron pills, stop!  

Best of luck to you.  


Well I'm not heavy, I have no tattoos, I'm not any fad diets and no longer have strange eating habits / restrictions.

I did start taking iron pills about a week ago but as I mentioned these symptoms have been going on for quite sometime now.

I was bulimic for about a 2/3 year period, heavily bulimic in that i would throw up sometimes 8+ a day.


I should also mentioned that I haven't been bulimic for about a year & a half.


Ahh...  The plot thickens!  Bulimics often develop multiple vitamin deficiencies, mostly of the water soluble vitamins, (B-complex and C).  

Choline, fat and protein deficiency is also a serious problem for the liver, which seems to be causing the bulk of your trouble.  The liver makes clotting factor (bleeding gums) and when in starvation mode, it is the livers job to find and break down fat and muscle tissue to keep the body alive until it gets some good food again.  This catabloic metabolism can darken the urine and make you feel quite bad in many ways.  

I'm afraid the only fix is going to be learning to eat and keep at least one good meal a day under your belt.  It doesn't have to be a big meal, but the food has to be nutritious.  A scrambled egg sandwich on toast will provide more choline and protein per bite than most any other meal.  Cook the eggs in real butter, and you'll get some quality fats and vitamins.  Orange or tomato juice will help fill in the blanks.  

The iron supplements are unwise, especially if you're not taking them with food.  Constipation and nausea are common complaints of many who must take Iron.  Ask any woman who's taken pre-natal vitamins (which often contain a lot of iron) and she will confirm this for you.  B-complex and vitamin-C may help, but without choline, fat and protein, it's going to be a long slide down hill.  

Liquid meals like "Ensure" may help also.  

It may be high time to seek treatment for your eating disorder...  Once your health deteriorates too far, it will be difficult to get back.  

Good Luck and GodSpeed to you.  


Woops, missed your last post about not being bulimic any more...  Thought it said you had been bulimic for a year and a half. 

Well, I'm stumped.  The symptoms you have are classic liver issues though.  I'd get a full metabolic blood panel from your doc.  This should pinpoint your trouble.  


Thank you for all your help. I take the iron pills with a meal, my eating habits are quite normal now. The one time that I want to put on weight I seem to be losing it.

I'm actually booked in to see my Doctor this Thursday night.

Do you think whats going on could anything serious ?

I'm mostly worried about the tightness in my chest and the chest pains that get so bad that i'm afraid to move.


Go see a doctor rigjt away! You are never to young to worry about cancer! Those people who responed that your to young to be worry about cancer, do not know what the hell they are talking about! I had cervical cancer at the age 24, and the only thing that saved me was because I was 5 months pregnant! It was full blown, ready to spread at any moment. I had no symtoms , nothing! I felt better than ever! Thankgod I was able to have my child, then had a cone biophsy . Do not hesitate, go immediately I wish u well.