Mine is a bit complicated but if anyone out there can be as accurate as possible i would appreciate any feedback. I am 31 years old and have a history of a thyroid problem. I got half removed on right side 3 years ago. I take levonthyroxine 88mcg and VitD referred from Endocronoglist. I was intimate May 21st 2011 it is know August 2, 2011. My symptoms is as follows: I have been throwing up before and after my period. I have had hot flashes on my period and my heart beat really fast and passed out hitting my head and it was bleeding and happens only on my period. I have had severe cramps near my rib cage alternating from left to right. I have had bloatiness in my stomach all the time and it is tight. I am burping alot and always have to pee. My urine is cloudy and smells like vinager. I have been coughing a lot and it is not flem or blood just coughing. I can't breathe and feel dizzy. I went to the gyno and she said my cervix was normal and i had her take a test on my kidney this past friday have not heard results back so i guess it was not that. Going in for a Fibroid and Ovary ultrasound. I took 4 EPT tests and they were all Negative on Pregancy. He wore a condom and did not let go inside at all. He let go on my neck and boobs sorry so graphic just want to explain so noone jumps right away to pregnancy. In any case I am wondering if my Thyroid is off and is making me feel nausious and blocking out and all these symptoms. I have looked and researched and everything and can't figure it out. I am not eating anything out of the ordinary or having morning sickness or anything like that. I only get sick before and after my period starts. If anyone can help me out I would appreciate it. I am wondering if I should have my Doctor take a blood test and see if I am pregnant. I know it is physically impossible especially when my intimate partner spent most of his time on the outside of me on my body then on the inside. So does anyone have an idea.

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