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34 year old male

muscle spasms in chest and back --- that is what the drs said.

i had severe chest and back pain associated with cold sweating , fainting away , needle like pain in both hands

breathing problems.

ecg, blood test, stress test all normal

what is this really?


I am also a 34 y.o. male, with similar symptoms. I am in very good physical health, with no prior health conditions of this sort. I am not having the needle like pain in my hands, but am experiencing what feel like painful muscle spasms which started in my back (in between my spine and shoulder), then moved to my front. The spasms make it difficult and painful to breathe. I went to a doctor, and he ordered an ultrasound thinking it could be a gallbladder issue, but I think it feels more muscular related. The only way I can describe the pain is similar to not having run in a while, then suddenly running a lot of wind sprints, then the next day being very sore in the muscularture that assists in breathing. That is the closest illustration I can give. That the intercostal rib muscles are overused and strained.