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Im Sue and for 2 years Ive felt ill every minute bad pressure heads stomach ache chest pain sick feeling muscle spasms in my legs and body arms heavy and numb tired nothing feels right fed up of going to docs had heart tests and a life scan which showed up arteries 60 per cent blocked
What can I do my whole lifes a mess just want to stay in bed every day cant work very often heart pounds -


You should rewrite this to be honest,it is mostly non-understandable,but from what I understood,it seems you're depressed.


Hi Sue,

Apologies for the above post, I have had no problem understanding the information that you have posted and I do feel that the pp has discounted the main cause for concern with your symptoms - the cardiac results.

If your coronary arteries are indeed 60% blocked, then you will certainly be experiencing chest pain on exercise and noticing a significant reduction in your ability to perform everyday tasks. I am interested to know what your specialist has suggested as the next course of action?

I am a little concerned that you may feel the pp has dismissed your concerns by stating you seem depressed, I can certainly understand that if you have felt this way for some time then you may well be experiencing some symptoms of depressive illness, however I do believe that this is probably as a result of the CAD and its effects on your quality of life, rather than being the cure all answer.

Please feel free to post back with any further information / questions.

Hope this helps