My mirena nightmare: the reason I decided to get the mirena was because of my painful cramps and heavy periods. I'd been on a new pill called zoely for 2 prior to that. Very low dosage and this pill proved to be a miracle cure for me . I only had my period every couple of months. One or two days of light spotting and I hadn't touched a single pill of ibuprofen. My biggest was the damage I was doing to my digestive track every month. 

I went off the pill in march this year and that month met my boyfriend. Neither of us ready for the trauma of an unwanted child. Both my doc and Gynae recommended the mirena. I accepted the huge costs involved but had no idea the further damage I was going to do to my body. 

Insertion was slightly painful and I cramped for the remainder of the day but after that, I was fine for the entire week. The trauma began on the Monday 11th of June. 

A period so painful that I ran out of my preciously stacked and untouched nurofen within hours. The days following that I was curled into a ball on the floor with hot water bottles drugging with ibuprofen every 3 hours. My appetite disappeared becaus of the damage I was doing to my stomach. The bleeding was furious. I desperately sat reading literature on every blog and site desperate for answers and understanding. Was this normal? 

I ready horror stories and stories of woman adoring their new IUD. By day 7, I went in to gynae for a scan and we found a small cyst in my ovary. She blamed the pain on that and put me back in the pill for two months to help my body settle. 

The pain I believe ( not being a mother however) is what labor must have felt like.  Every day and every night to the point that I would faint when standing up. The struggle I had was not reading my body and the signs of rejection. The sweats, chills, pale skin, ulcers in my mouth. 

At his point week 2, June 22nd, I was so ill that painkillers didn't even work anymore and the bitter metallic taste in my mouth prevented me from wanting to eat food or even go out in public. The pain was worsening. Why me? Why and how could I reject it? Should I wait longer and hold it out? 

I phoned my gynae who accepted me into casualty and immediately removed it. 

Everything changed in 10!mins And my body relaxed. It was over.

i am still bleeding as if a new cycle has begun with slight aches now and then. But the trauma and pain I experienced was other worldly. I later did a lot of research. Most women reject it, it's a foreign element and now I'm back on my wonderful zoely and hoping for the uterus to heal and my life to start up again