I am experiencing extreme cramps and pains in my lower belly, vaginal area and it sometimes also hurts in my lower back, but these aren't normal cramps. I have never had anything like this before, I can barely walk from the pain, I took some heavy pain killers that I have from something else and they have calmed it down a little but it still hurts.

Now because of my Mirena coil I have had the most horrible experiences with my periods as it used to be all very good, but since my mirena it had been all over the place, periods come and go, most of the time it happens 2 weeks after the first one ends but not always, sometimes it's 2 weeks late, sometimes 1 week after the last and it is completely crazy.

Now I wonder if it is just period pains or something else because since the Mirena the pains have been less as when I didn't have it yet. I am really worried if the Mirena can just stop working after 2 years because of this crazy pain, or if it doesn't even have anything to do with period pains and the mirena coil.