I had my Mirena place Nov 2016... It caused very painful sex.. like my boyfriend was stabbing my uterus, I had became very depressed, gained weight, I kept crying like every day for no reason & I was always in pain. I went to my Dr several times and he kept saying your body is adjusting to the device. I couldn't take the pain anymore after going to my Dr. For the fourth time in 2 weeks I have it removed Dec 22, 2016 after bleeding for 20 days straight. Instantly my pain was good and my mood immediately changed. After the removal I bled a normal cycle 7 days. For two months no cycle... Then on 3/6/17 all of a sudden I'm bleeding like crazy... Large blood clots..the clots were so large they clogged my shower drain..image my surprise when my boyfriend pulled out 2 huge blood clots. Today is 3/27/17 & I'm still bleeding... The clots slowed yesterday & I thought it was over.. nope this morning the clots started again. I called my Dr & his only reply was "Well that's what happens when you remove the Mirena" I was so pissed because he never warned me but was all for me getting it.. now nonchalant attitude about my bleeding for 21 days. I pray it stops soon..but am looking into what legal actions can be taken with Bayer the maker of Morena and my old GYN for not educating me or anyone about the horror this device does to you.