I am a 36 year old women who with her husband I'd say have been trying to get pregnant at least a year. We always stopped and used precaution from day 14 for 6 days. Then we stopped but we have been under alot of stress. This march my period was weird. I spotted like a brown and it last maybe one or two days. I went to the doctor here. 2 weeks later after 2 negative pregnancy tests. so i would of been like on day 14 of my cycle so she gave me primoult nr to induce a period 1x tid x 3 days. and by day 4 i got a period that didnt stop and went into where my cycle would of been for 21 days. she did an u/s and seen a mass of blood so she gave me an anti hemmoraghoic drug for 7 days.i had my blood work on day 2 of that cycle she induced i got my blood work fsh which was 3 and lh which was 10.8 and prolaction which was 14.9. she said getting me pregant would be easy. she gave me duphaston on day 16 bid x 10 days. my cycle is back to the way its always been. my body is always on clock worth even the induced period didnt chance when my cycle would begin to a new one. She did an u/s as she always does and says i look better. i do have a small fibroid which is like 3.2 cm which she said isnt in a place to effect fertility. I just turned 36 and i want to give my husband a beautiful child. I am also in foreign country Jordan and I speak english. My question is my blood work is good and do i need projesterone to get pregnant cause this month it made me start menses on day 30 instead of 29. I also want to know is my blood work accurate? It was an induced menses. Plus i been under stress. I changed my diet i cut out all sugar, bread, potatos and have been eating alot of salads vegetables, id eat eggs, meat, fish , lamb. what can i do naturally to increase my odds or should i tell her to start me on clomid or something. I also want to know if stress and a diet which was full of sugar and bad carbs affect my lh and if that blood test was even accurate. if it wasn't accurate for day 2 of my period on the induced cycle how would these results be if it was according to day 20 of my cycle which if it hasn't been disrupted it would of been like that time if she didnt induce it. will the duphaston which is an oral projesterone 10mg bid x 10 days of my cycle from day 16 help me