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I was diagnosed having PCOS and have always had irregular periods. It used to be around 1.5 month cycle but off-late my periods are totally irregular. 3 years back I lost weight and was around 128 lbs for 5.5 feet height and was so regular with my periods(30 days cycle). But I started gaining weight and now around 157lbs and facing irregular periods issue. Sometimes it is so irritating . I get depressed, feel heavy, lower abdomen bloats and get angry, leg cramps, white discharge but no periods. My last cycle was induced by taking progecterone tablets. I have never taken tablets to induce periods so far and last time was an exception. But on April month this year had to take tablets to get periods in a month time as I had an important occasion during my actual periods time( so preponned using tablets). The accompanied period in April month was  light compared to my usual periods(days 1 to 3 fine flow, day 4 slightly heavy then normal slight bleeding from day 4 latter half till day 7).

Then my period for May month came in 30 days time and was not usual it was similar as it happened in April. Then I missed my periods in June month and got my periods on 05/07/12. Then the next cycle was the one induced by medicines and got my periods on 09/19/12. I had periods for 7 days unlike to the light ones i had 3 times b4 just for 5 days. I got married in the month of May and thought it could be because I was recently married. 


Im trying for a baby and I felt like I ovulated last week may be 45 to 50 days from last period and did a preg test b4 ovulation and a week aftr ovulation both are negative. I have read that PCOS patients dont test positve. Last cycle too I tested at home and it came negative twice. Checked 2 docs and both said negative urine tests and a negative blood test. Did a scan but I felt she din do it properly as it was nt done with full bladder. Anyways I took medicine just for 5 days and got periods on day 5( Doc mentioned I would get after 9 th day of a 7 day tablet course). 


My question is Im testing negative in HPT but didnt get my periods yet. Offlate feeling very tired(having sever fatigue), Depressed, heavy not usre if Im pregnant having milky white dischate which is not so liquidy, cramps at times. but i have feeling that it could be time for periods. I want to know is can I be pregnant r get pregnant and test negative?


Dear Anygal

If you ovulated a week ago (say 8th Nov) and the egg was fertilised, then a progesterone blood test today (15th) could show ovulation, the embryo having arrived in the uterus yesterday.

However implantation wouldn't take place until the day after tomorrow (17th), so you could not be pregnant until then. Not for another 2 days (19th) would a blood test show positive.

If you ovulated a week ago (8th Nov) and the egg was not fertilised, then a period would be expected on 22nd, so I would wait until 23rd to take an HPT test. Any test showing negative prior to then I would consider unreliable

Hope this helps



Thanks for the reply. I would wait and see.