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I'm a mother breastfeeding my 9 month old. We are trying to ween him off of "Mommy milk" so we are able to get pregnant more easily. We've heard that while breastfeeding your uterus actually contracts so it makes it more difficult to conceive, and ovulate. We actually had a miscarriage in April and have been having a deep desire for another child for our children to be close in age. So I've been watching my body as close as possible and trying to figure out the best time to have intercourse with my husband so we can conceive. I have finally had my first period last month (so it makes it VERY difficult to figure out ovulation) But since I had that period we thought for sure we'd get pregnant last month. But last weekend we tested and it was negative :( And then the next day (last Saturday the 30th of July) I had brown discharge with little tissue like stuff in it. And just a little bit of red blood on that Saturday. I had this all week, i normally noticed it when wiping, but it was a fair amount. I know brown discharge is old blood. But I'm confused, old blood from what and when, and why is it happening? Friday (the 5th of Sept) i took a pregnancy test and it was negative, we thought maybe I was having implantation bleeding.  I took and Ovulation predictor test on Friday afternoon and it said I was having my Lh surge! So my husband and I made love Friday night. Saturday I took another ovulation test and it still showed I was in the Lh surge so we made love again Saturday. It is now Sunday today (about a week from all this brown discharge started) I am still having the brown discharge and yes I have light cramping with it, nothing real uncomfortable though. I just don't know what it might be.
Is it just an awkward period since I've been breast feeding? If so WHY did the Ovulation kit say I am ovulating? I did take another one of those test today ( I take them the same time every day at 11:11 usually my second pee of the day and I don't drink any fluids 3 hours prior to testing) and this test today showed a slight Lh surge yet.
I haven't had any "rough" sex so I don't believe it could be damage internally (the reason for "old blood")
I have only had one partner for Years and years so I know it's not an std to worry about.
It's just frustrating not knowing what is going on with my body especially when we are trying to get pregnant.
I'm also not stressed, so it's not that.

Also if this helps, I have been taking my Basal Body Temp and the past few days it has been :
Thurs Aug 4th 79.2
Friday Aug 5th  79.1
Saturday Aug 6th  69.9
Sunday Aug 7th 69.8

So it's been dropping a point every morning (I take my temperature every morning at the same time before getting out of bed or even talking, so my test are done as accurate as possible)

If you have any ideas what could be going on I would greatly appreciate any help!

I'm HOPING that I AM ovulating now and that we possibly did just conceive :/
Thank you and God bless all of you.


you should definitely ask your doctor about this.


Sorry this is an old post. Did you ever get to the bottom of it? X