My daddy is 64 years of age. Around 15-16 years ago he was doing clothes business and used to carry weights on the left side of his body.

After sometime he noticed that his left side of the body was not as effective as his right part. For e.g. he was not able to wear his shoes in the left leg as effectiely as he used to do with his right leg. He also had diabetes. Hence he started taking the following medicines

amantrel 100 mg
bioscar 5
asa 50

The following medicine is added for diabetes
glycinorm m 40

The doctor had then told that these medicines would cause problems later. He still carried on.

Now, if he stops the medicines for 2 days, his body starts shaking. We can see his fingers vibrating.

Sometimes he faces problem with passing stool. So he also takes kayam churna. Now, from 2 - 3 days he is facing problems with his hands. He cannot tie his lungi properly and cannot even wear vest. Mummy has to help him out. He is very weak. He eats very less. While walking he feels that he is being pushed and may fall.

I would be obliged if you could tell me what is happening with him. can he stop the above medicines slowly. Can he go for alternative medicines like homeopathy, ayurvedic etc.

thanks and regardsshaikh