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I am 35 years old, weigh 72 kg, 6.2" and have no chronic disease except for the one explained below. In 2003-2004, I have a few genital warts which disappeared completely in 2006. I am not sure if it was due anti-colestrol medicine which I used for a few months on doctor's prescription on his finding after a test that I have high normal values of colestrol.

It was end of July or start of August last year that I tried to have a protected sex, but unfortunately, the condom broke during a vaginal intercourse. A couple of days later, I felt sever pain in my penis and observed a clear water like discharge from the penis. I went to a doctor for treatment who treated me perhaps for Gonorrhea with an antibiotic injection and a course of tablets for one week. The injection subdued the pain to some extend but failed to eradicate the discharge. I was given another injection after two weeks which also did not improve the symptom of discharge.

I went to another doctor who advised me Urine Culture, Urine and BUN tests. It is pertinent to note that the tests were conducted two days after I took the second antibiotic injection. The tests showed negative growth in culture and normal values in urine and BUN. This doctor prescribed me "Genurine Fort" and some anti depressant medicine for one week. I took the medicine but these were not any help at all.

I went to a third doctor who gave me multivitamins herbal capsules and anti-allergy tablet for 15-days. This course lessened the discharge for the first three or four days only and thereafter it returned. I went again to this doctor for consultation and he prescribed the same sort of medicines for another 15-days. The second course made no improvement.

Until this point in time, perhaps one and half month after onset of the disease, the pain was gone and discharge was only a little discomfort. I discontinued all treatment thinking that symptoms would improve with the time. It is worth noting that I used to drink a lot of water, almost 8-10 liters a day. The habit helped as it used to dilute the urine or lessen the acidity in urine due to which I did not feel any burning sensation or pain in urination or from the discharge. The other thing is that I used to walk for a kilometer a day. I learnt that the friction of penis-tip with the trouser/underwear cause the pain and discharge during movement. I found a technique to protect the tip of my penis from friction. I wore a cloth tape, 1 inch wide and 2 inch long with only its ends were adhesive, over the head of my penis. This helped a great deal as it reduced the discharge substantially. Another six months passed somehow. During all this period, I did not have sex except for a few masturbations.

In the month of March, I have sex a few times, wearing a condom on all counts. During these intercourses, I felt the disease had something to do my weak erection. Then I went to a top Urologist who examined my penis for the first time. He diagnosed me with Urethritis and prescribed me the following:

Rochpin Injection 1g
Ciproflexion 500 mg, 1g first doze and 500 mg twice a day for seven days.
Denizen 250 mg 3 times a day for seven days (an anti-flammatory drug).
Dicloron 250 mg 3 times a days for seven days (pain killer).

He observed, after he listened to the disease history and my habits, that there could have been some serious consequences of prolong urethritis like stoppage of urine due to stricture, infection of prostate, bladder or kidneys, etc., that excessive intake of water would increase the blood pressure. I was alarmed because I have a little high blood pressures on some previous counts, 130/85, 130/90, 140/90. However, my blood pressure was normal on his checking, i.e., 120/80. He referred me to a radiologist for an abdominal and pelvic ultrasound on the same day. The radiologist findings were normal except for "Prominent Collecting System of the kidneys" and “Distended Bladder”.

I started this strong antibiotic course from mid March 2007. There were a couple of things more: I reduced intake of water to a few glass a day and stop wearing the cloth tape on my penis. From the fourth day of taking the urologist prescribed medicine, the symptoms extremely worsened and I begin to feel pain during urination and quantity of water-like clear discharge increased. The discharge felt as if acid was leaking from my penis and and the amount of discharge turned from observable to drops every time I saw my penis. Then came the attack of depression. These were very hard days in my life: anxiety, no food, no drink and thoughts of death on my mind. I went again to the Urologist on the fifth day. He insisted I should come after completing the course. Somehow, I completed the course and paid him a third visit. He then prescribed me "Genurine Fort", "Antival" (anti-allergy), "Denizen" and "Dicloron" for 15-days. I used these medicines for a couple of days as these brought no improvement and took Zanax instead to ease my depression.

I found another specialist in the field and had consultation with him. He examined my penis (incidentally, there was no discharge at the time perhaps an effect of Zanax which I took an hour before or this very days I was wearing the cloth tape) and [the doctor] remarked that I do not have Urethritis. He said that he would massage my anus (or that is what I have understood) to rid my urethra of any residue bacteria from the next week and also advised me to masturbate every day. He prescribe me "Flagyl 400mg" 3 X for 5 days, "Motival 25 mg" 1X7 days (anti-depressant) and "Calcipat" 6X7 days (calcium/vitamin). These medicines did not help and I discontinue the course from the third day. During this course, I searched the internet for information on Urethritis. I learned that my symptoms are that of Non-gonnoccocal Urethritis/Non-Specific Urethritis and that it is treated with Doxycycline, Azithromycine, etc. I decided to have self-medication and took Azithromycine 1g instead. It improved the symptom somewhat but did not cure. A week later I started Doxycycline for seven days, insuring that my penis did not have any friction by wearing a fitted cotton underwear. During 2nd to 5th day, I could not see any discharge from the penis even in the morning. I was very happy that I am free of Urethritis. However, my happiness was short-lived and the 6th day, I felt my penis a bit cold but still no discharge. The 7th day, discharge is observable every time after I pinch the head of my penis.

Now it is the 5th day after completing the course of Doxycycline and I have somewhat improved symptoms. But I still feel burning in my urethra after urination and there is observable discharge two or three times a day and every time if I pinch the head of my penis. I am using no medication now as I am at loss about what to do next.

I am writing to this forum to seek help that there is somebody who may help me and relieve me of this distressing disease.

Waiting very anxiously,


im 38 years old and it seems that i got the same problem, white discharge. i went to the doctor who gave me 15 days course of Doxycycline. things are much better and the discharge gone away.


Hmm, I have had this happen to me. The peak of it was soreness at the tip of the penis with a little bit of milky discharge from the head of the penis. The doc at the health dept. thought I had chlamydia. It was not chlamydia... I went to my primary care doc and they treated me with antibiotics as if it was prostatitis. It seemed to clear up except for a faint pulse of pain at the tip of my penis every once in awhile. I have been good for awhile now, but it seems to be flaring my urethra up again, no milky discharge this time, but it is really sore.

I'm 28 and in great health btw...

My theories as of now on what my problem may be is that I have a lot of precum. When I get aroused, even just thinking a lot about sex that gets my penis hard, I produce precum. I feel that this may be lingering in my urethra too long and causing irritation. My second theory is that I may have an allergy to my cotton boxer brief underwear...

I'm gonna go commando for awhile and see if it helps. If it does go away, it still doesn't mean anything. So maybe I can start wearing the underwear again and if it comes back, bingo!




just read your problem. I would like to advice you that you should go either for Homeopathy or Ayurveda ( Naturopathy ) for the treatment of your problem.

With the Ayurvedic treatment, you have to stop taking Tea,coffee, Aeriated drinkes, Alcohol etc. . All that irritates Urethra should be strictly avoided during the treatment. It would be best if you could stic to the intake of atleast 8-10 glasses of water daily. Sugarcane , cranberry juice are also very helpful.

The treatment may last for couple of months but it will completely eradicate the disease from the body. In STDs as you know " Prevention is better than cure ".

Allopathy has a lot of side effects. The  medicines you mentioned must have made your stomach upset. There are a lot of Ayurvedic & homeopathy treatment available , if you  check for ALL these on the internet.

* ofcourse one MOST important think" The POSITIVE MINDSET" to heal through the nature as it is the nature which heals * NOT the medicines. They just act as a medium.

Naya, DONT get depressed. You will be perfectly all right but it might take time, may be a treatment for couple of months is required but that will not only heal you perfectly but it will also prevent the reoccurance.

Remember: Anything that heals itself quickly can reoccur quickly as well. So my opinion is to heal yourself through / by the nature with the help of Homeopathy or Ayurveda.

There are a lot of medicines / treatment available if you check on the Internet & if possible take the help of Allopathy if its very urgent in you life.


Take care




Possibly Trichomoniasis?.... different antiboitics needed then.


I am 36 and suffering from the same problem. This is started on the 19/05. I have taken 4 full course of antibiotics and still have the symptoms; burning during passing urine and clear/cloudy discharge all the time. I have done check up twice and both were negative, what could be then? Please help.



take Chandraprabha Vati, Shilajit capsules and Chandanasava...all are ayurvedic formulation with no side effects and can be taken for any lenght of time....


I have the same problem. it just happened. took a course of antibiotics and it just came back. oh boy. my life is completely turned upside down. on a second course of antibiotics. i've been seeing postings across the internet about this. i am afraid there's some antibiotic resistant bacteria evolving?



Hey did u ever find out what u had? I seem to have the same problem for awhile now and can't figure it out.. Please let me know