Hi, i am writing this on behalf of my girlfriend who has a very busy schedule and hasn't had time to visit a doctor for quite some time (or since the incident that caused this pain occurred)

My girlfriend has had pain in her lower to mid-back, specifically on the right side for over 2 years. It supposedly happened while she was a senior in high school on the basketball team. She tore a muscle in two different places on her lower to mid back and it never healed right. The pain has been on and off for the past few years, yet it is most prominent during physical activity and after physical activity (i.e. running, playing soccer, not necessarily weight-lifting or anything around that area though). She visited a massage therapist this last summer and he informed her that "she had a muscle that was torn in two places, it never healed properly, and now there is a large amount of scar tissue built up on the muscle, making it difficult to repair." For two years though she feels she has been favoring the left side of her back too much, so when she walks or does anything requiring a standing-movement she curves her left foot slightly inward to put more pressure on the left side of her body (in-turn relieving the 'damaged' right side from any stress or pain). However now the left side of her back has begun to hurt and it is causing her a significant amount of pain to bare. If any personal information helps, she is approximately 5'7", 135 lbs, and turning 20 years old soon. The pain is worse when she bends over or lifts her leg up so as her knee is level with her hips (or as her thigh and calf form a right angle). The pain feels as if it is a muscle or tendon, not a broken bone or anything of that sort. Also if it helps, she lives in Alaska, so the climate is much cooler, and she exercises regularly and eats healthily. If anyone is able to diagnose her i would very much appreciate it, if you need any more info just reply what you need and we'll be glad to give it to you (whoever you may be). Thankyou for your time.

concerned boyfriend ;-)