I’ve decided to share my journey, word for word, day by day.

When I left the hospital they told me VERY LITTLE to manage this.

They said ' Lots of water and fibre ' and that was it. NOTHING about stool softeners or pain killers.

I will tell you what I did and what worked for me.

I had Hemorrhoid Banding for 3 internal Hemorrhoids.

I asked the surgeon how bad they were from 1-10 and he said an 8!

I had read up on squatting while taking a sh*t. So I brought a box up and put it in front of my toilet so I can do just this and slightly hover over the toiler, though I’m almost sitting. It has helped so far with my first movement and all those thereafter. They did not mention this in the hospital!

I recommend a liquid diet for the first couple of days.

As liquid as possible. Listen to your body, the pain is telling you something!!


29th April - Poo’d once, more liquid than solid. Took 2 Dulcolax and ate 1 square of Elax.

1pm - 2 Panadol. Relieved Pain.

4pm - Pain started coming back, took another 2 x Panadol by 4:35 pain gone.

5:30pm First Nutri Bullet Shake - Half a weetabix / Slice of Frozen Pair / Half a banana / half a scoop of protein powder / half a scoop of oatmeal / lots of blueberries / yoghurt / piece of frozen broccoli /

More crampy type pains, realise this is the Dulcolax and Elax working.

8pm first bowel movement. Very liquid/Loose, semi runny stool. Pebble dash exit! Was cramping a little beforehand which was due to the Ducolax+Elax no doubt. Had a bowel of Tomatoe soup before hand also. Stool slightly runny, no major pain and no sign of blood at all.

I had no piles on the outside it seems. I had 3 on the inside. I asked the Docter how bad it was between 1-10 and he said 8! Then he told me he got them all.

8:45 Another 2 x Panadol

11:10 BM Same slushy type poo. No blood. Still some pain/pressure in stomach area. Took another 500mg of Paracetamol. (I know this puts me slightly over in terms of amount I shud be taking but I'm in pain and I don't wanna take codeine cos that blocks you up, so I'll do what I have to!) Squated the same as before which helped. Bum burney on passing faeces. Used a little finger of Vaseline to put slightly inside rectum and around it to help with sting after I passed, for next passing.

11:20 HUNGRY! Shake time. Half a weetabix - large spoon of smooth peanut butter - spoon of yoghurt - half scoop of oatmeal - quarter scoop of protein - half of ripe banana - Spoonful of honey - filtered water. - I blend all this in a Nutri Bullet giving it lots of time, so that's its pure liquid. (I decided to stay away from acidic fruit because of the burn feeling last pee out my bum-or more like explosion! I pass wind at the same time it seems. Probably left over air from the op)

I've decided until I see some blood or pieces of crazy looking pile coming out of me, I ain't eating nothing majorly solid!

30th - No pain this morning, or pressure pain :-) When I started to move in the bed I got bad wind pains/gas in my intestines. I moved around a bit and made myself belch and this went away pretty quickly. Also passed a little bit of gas

11:20am Had 1 boiled egg. Took 2 x 500mg Paracetamol in case of pain with next movement. Took 1 Dulcolax.

Had Bragg Omega Oil-3/6/9 x 2 spoonfuls in water to help oil up things! lol

Made a smoothie: 1 scoop Protein Powder-1 Scoop Oatmeal-Handful of Blueberries-Stem of Broccoli. This helps with the hunger and keeps things liquid.

I'm heading out to get Metamucil and Docusate Sodium, read about them online and how they help keep stools soft. (Couldn't get these in my health store or pharmacy so picked up some more dulcolax)

1pm Starbucks Capacino 1 Oatcake with Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Humus. This was amazing! Light solid food and so tasty!

Can feel inside me now some uncomfortability when moving. Like there's something inside my anal canal. Probably the healing beginning. Have been doing the buttock clenching every two hours for 10-15 times and then taking deep breaths 10-15 times. I read some light walking is good for it too so that's my walking to get groceries enough walking for the day for me today. I will hover close to the toilet and watch Tv now.

3:20 Took 1 Dulcolax

Drinking a lots of water and urinating a lot.

3:35 Going to eat a mandarin orange now. Also took half a square of Ex-Lax.

8pm Ate some soft cabbage and some soft sprouts, all cooked. Only ate a small amount.

8:24pm Took 1 Dulcolax.

10:30 Chicken soup - a few spoonfuls of humus

12:30 - 2 x Panadol

1:30am - 1 Ex-Lax chocolate

2am. First BM! So I felt this coming on within a few minutes of taking another piece of the exlax chocolate. Nervously I approached the bathroom, prayed and I squatted onto my straw basket and it slid out perfectly. Pain level from 1-10 was between 1or2. It was smooth and sailed out. No major pain. I tried to examine it and there was no blood or band. It Must be the combo of Udo oil and laxatives/liquid diet I'm on right now that made that so easy. I will continue with this and maybe add a little more solid. So relieved!

1st May

7:10am  - I'm awoken to a burn and itch in my anus. Just like when the piles are bad. I indulge in some gentle itching! And I want to go deeper! lol. I have to get out of bed, use a baby wipe to cleanse the area and then put on some hydrocortisone cream. I take 2 x Soluble Panadol also. The itch was strong. And the burning the same. Like a bad attack of piles. I may have a quick bath when I get up. Gonna try sleep some more.

8:05 Cramping. May be another BM. YES I THINK SO! Had to run to the bathroom there. Squatted down and out it came. One and a half sh**s. Smooth as a snake. Virtually no pain except for that burn people talk about. Running a bath now. Still a bit crampy but it's easing off now. I know this is probably from the laxatives. Will ease back off the ex-lax. Stick with the Dulcolax only for today.

8:40 Had a bath. It eases the raw burn around the ass, no doubt about it. Highly recommended! Quite relieving!!

9:56am Cramping ceased. Getting hungry. Little sore down there so applying some hydrocortisone. The itch and sting is real!

10:35 Made some decaf coffee and Made scrambled eggs with 2 eggs and some milk, had 1 oatcake with philadephia cream cheese and humous on top.

Then had some strawberry yoghurt with blueberries.

Taking 1 Dulcolax again now.

Some mild cramping after eating, nothing major.

1:05 need to take 2 x Soluble Panadol again now. Some discomfort coming Back while I'm just lying down on the bed

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