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Yes as you see my Foreskin is not protecting my penis head for some reason for more information look down.

I had partial circumcision when I was a baby.

I tried to pull the foreskin to the penis head but the foreskin goes back where it was.

I have a short foreskin thats my problom, How do I get my foreskin to become longer?

Please (commant/comment) a way to get my foreskin to protect the penis head.


Hi KararA

There are methods to restore the foreskin both surgical and nonsurgical.

If you do a foreskin restoration search you will find the information you are looking for.

The skin can be stretched to cover the head again when not erect I was circumcised and mine looks like I still have  my foreskin when not erect.

So if you really feel you need to restore your skin to cover the head read up on the nonsurgical foreskin restoration methods your penis size will be the key factor on how much stretching needs to take place a small non erect penis won’t need much stretching to cover the head but if you are well endowed it will take considerably more stretching and more time to stretch your skin enough to cover the penis head and you may have to settle for partially covering the head if you are large.