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Hey, so my name is Israel. Er.. let's see... I'm kinda worried because my girlfriend and I had sex and she is now a week late for her period. Here is our info Her -She is 16 -She has irregular periods (I did the math, her cycle averages at 35 days) -Her last period was 5/28/12 -Yesterday, she had cramps like her period. She hasn't gotten it though... -It's been 16 or so days days since we had sex -She gets extreme pain during her period -Her mom has had 9 kids, so she is quite fertile -She's had SOME signs (growing breasts, darkening nipples, she is more hormonal) -She hasn't had some symptoms (implantation bleeding, which I read usually occurs 6-12 days after conception) - Me -I am 15 years old -That's really about it Anyways, we are both very scared. What are the chances she is pregnant?


id say she could be. if you went completely through with the sex and FINISHED. there is a posibility. im in the same situation with my girlfriend except she was supposed to have her period 2 days ago and it hasnt came. except the thing is im a year younger than you.. haha. but anyways if she does have irregular periods than this could be a massive irregular period , or at the worst, she could be pregnant.

hope this helped, good luck buddy:-|