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im 16 years old and my girl friend and i had sex for the first time in 2months on tuesday and during the sex we did use a condom and she started to bleed but she wasnt in anypain so we assumed that it was just her period. later that night she called me saything her period stopped and i became worried and on sunday she said she spotted and its now wednesday day and she still hasnt got her period. can she be pregnant??? im scared please HELP!


Dear Sythonium

More information is needed.

To get pregnant, sperm has to fertilise a released egg, so we have to consider the opportunities for that to happen. It can happen by ejaculating sperm into the vagina, or transferring sperm to the vagina. This could be by the penis, or by (say) a finger inserted. It could be by sperm placed in the vulval area swimming on some lubrication. It will also need to happen at ovulation time as eggs are only viable about 24 hours, and sperm live for about 5 days in a woman's body.

Does 'the first time in two months' mean the last time was 2 months ago, or that it is the first time in a two month relationship?

The sort of information needed is:

  1. On what dates did her last 3 periods start?
  2. When is her next period due?
  3. What sexual activity (any sort) has taken place since the last period starting, and on what dates?
  4. How old is she?

You can private message me if you prefer, but in public others can benefit from the answers.




In my opinion she could be pregnant, take her to a doctor to make sure or tell her parents, they know what to do.