My girlfriend has endometriosis and type 1 Von willebrand's disease so she has her period everyday and has for like 11 months and we were messing around last week and we ended up having in unprotected sex, however I pulled out far before I was going to ejaculate and I don't know If this would matter but it was only about 45 seconds of sex, I did happen to ejaculate in my underwear about 30minutes or so before that. I went and cleaned them out but they were still a bit wet. This was last Sunday and today is the Saturday after. She missed her period the very next day after we had sex, and if a girl gets pregnant she wouldn't miss It the very next day would she? I though it happen like 10 days later or something. I would like to stress (just in case this would apply somehow) that I didn't go all the way in and that If I recall correctly I did urinate when I went to clean out my underwear after I ejaculated in them.
I'm freaking out that she could be pregnant because tomorrow will be a week late but I'm not sure how the 2 conditions that she has would affect her period also seeming how she is 16 I know that teens had irregular periods but I'm terrified out of my mind.
However there are many contributing factors to why she shouldn't be 1. Having endometriosis makes it harder for a girl to get pregnant in the first place. 2. I did NOT ejaculate in her. 3. I'm quite positive that I urinated before having sex. 4. I didn't break her hymen (I don't know if that would apply)
she is not supposed to have thing that are diet such as diet cokes, sugar free gums, and others because tere is a blood thinner in them called aspertane (sp) could this also be a reason the her period stopped because she's been chewing sugar free orgit gum for about a week as well,
I'm just really scared that she could be pregnant and don't want a kid at 16, we've already decided that if we do happen to have sex anymore that we won't unless we have a condom and only have a condom. This has been too much of a scare and I'm still unsure.... PLEASE someone help me!