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My family is horrible. Especially my mother and step father. Ever since my mother met my step father and started growing more love towards him she eventually , slowly but surely starts to favourite him over me. I am an only child. my dad loves me unconditionally but lives further away. I try and stay in my room as much as possible or see my friends and boyfriend but we moved so the only way I can see them is on a two hour bus ride or getting a ride which my mom never wants to do. She puts me down 24/7 and focusses on the things I don't do instead of the things I do. The part that hurts me the most is when she co pares her childhood life experiences to mine. She grew up with siblings in a stable family and hair no worries in life. Where theres me, parents divorced at age 5 moved cities went to court parents got into physical fights etc.She neglects my feelings because she's so stuck in her own point of view and its so hurtful. I always have feelings but she is not listening to me, I always mention how I feel left out by her in comparison to my step father but she just thinks I am stupid. she also makes fun of me for being bad in math and needing a tutor. I am so so sensitive and have been through so much and no one understands me. I don't want to live with her anymore. 

Someone please help me;(


Have your dad file for custody of you full time.