About a year ago my 89 year old Grandmother died under the care of my parents. She had anemia as a result of fighting cancer and had alzheimer. Because of her alzheimer's she really couldn't remember from one day to the next. She had moved in with my parents after the step-grandfather passed away. She lived with them probably about 4 months. Because of her anemia she would need to get blood transfusion every couple weeks. She was getting them for many years before she passed. When my parents took her in they stopped taking her for the transfusions. My father told me "the doctors so much and said they don't work anylonger and to stop having her get them". Without the transfusion it was certain she would pass away within months. My parents have always been isolationist type of people and last thing they ever want is for someone to move in with them and incringe on their space. For example, when my mother's fathe had major strokes they decided to leave him in a nusring home when they could have took him in. He wasn't eating at the nursing home and was losing weight quickly. I was approached by a counselor who said that I was the only one in the family that could or would help so I quite my job and moved across the country to care for him in his home. Back to what I was saying about my Grandmother: I now live with the feeling that my parents made a decision on whether my Grandmother lived or died based on their feelings of be inconvenienced. I'm having a really hard time coping with that and asking for some constructive advice. Thank you.