Hi, my mother left me and my father when i was around 8 months to a year old. I don't know much about her and i actually just found her on facebook last year. When my dad found out he told me why he and my mom divorced, they weren't bad to eachother it was just the spark wasn't there no more. So, she decided to get a new guy, while still married to my dad. She went out with him a couple months after I was born and i can very vaguely remember being in a restaraunt with a women who i think was my mother who was with another man, like she was introducing me to him. When I heard that she cheated on my dad i immediatley addressed her about it, we have a language barrier. Her vietnamese and me english, i am pretty bad at vietnamese so I had to use google translate. She told me that my father had a mistunderstanding, but i think she lied. Whenever I directly asked her what happened and why did she leave she just avoided the question. Yes I understand that it might be really emotional for her so i didn't ask any further, but my father also told me that she went clubbing a lot and that she left me in his care because she thought she couldn't take care of me. I am grateful that she thought what was best for me and that she went through 9 months of complete torture and maybe 14 hours at midnight in terrible pain. But I can't forgive her for cheating on my dad, not telling the truth, or so i think, and basically not trying. It hurts that she isn't trying and whenever she messages me all she says is i love and i miss you, yes it is heart warming to know that she still thinks about me but does she care? She never asked me anything about myself and she never talks about her either. Right now I am seriously sad because I have a new stepmother,she's nice but she's not really like a mother to me. Am i being ungrateful and selfish?