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ok so what im about to share is very personal and i understand that other people have done it. but to be honest im just on the verge of giving up bothering. ok so my mother is an alcoholic and has been for aslong as i can remember she has been a terrible mother and never even should have got pregnant. i was raised and lived with my nan because my mom basically neglected me and. once when i was 12 i ended up moving out because she chose her abusive boyfriend over me in a its either him or me moment even tho i did nothing wrong she chose him i could go on about these things for ages but to the problem itself. im now 26 and been living with my mom since i was 18 i cant afford to move out as much as i wish i could living with my mother is just soul sapping she doesnt do house work and basically i have to clean up she wont lift a finger the house looks like sh*t the only thing she does is drink as soon as she wakes up she wont even get dressed having a conversation with her is impossible and comes to the point i try to avoid her like the plague she will only start arguments and just acts like a drama queen try and make everyhing about her and is a compulsive liar she works in health care so makes a good wage tho im surprised she still has a job. but with a decent wage she still ends up broke because she drinks all the money away and alot of the time there is bearly any food because she will put alcohol first so i will have to go to my grand mothers to get something she is lazy and dirty the only thing she does is drink her mother and me have been trying for years to get her to stop but she doesnt listen and doesnt even try to stop. in october i was away for 3 days to go to a wedding and when i came back she had gone through 3 boxes of beer with about 15 cans in each box wich ovcourse i was furious about but she doesnt see the problem. i just dont even know what to do anymore i cant talk to her and it would be a miricle to actually see her sober i think its that bad ive accepted the fact it wont be long till shes drank herself to death. everyone thinks i should move out and get away but as i said i cant even do that its a nightmare living in the same house as her and there isnt anywhere else i can go. she needs help and needs to be forced into rehab or whatever the places are. but i think shes just a lost cause.. i really dont know what to do anymore.


I know what it's like to have an alcoholic parent. Both my parents are alcoholics, and my father was (and probably still is) extremely abusive both emotionally and physically. I moved out when I was 16, and even though it was the best decision I made for myself, it was the worst for my then 13 year old sister (she committed suicide in October 2012). If you need a chat feel free to private message me.