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is that possible that I am pregnant? I haven't period yet. I am ! month and 20days delayed. But my problem is the last time we had sex intercourse was on April first week, but I got period on April 20. After that, no periods from then until now. What it will be? Please, answer me! I need to know what is it. Thank you


Hi Apple,

Was your period on April 20 normal for you?  Just like all your previous?  Was it on time?

You can have bleeding early in a pregnancy.

Take a home pregnancy test.  Be sure to use your first morning urine for the best results.

Even if it is negative you should see your doctor to find out why you aren't having your period.  It could indicate a hormonal problem.

Good luck.



Hey medic dan.

Can you tell me more about delayed cycle causes? I am sure that I am not pregnant. I mean, I can't be because I had my last intercourse three months ago and after that I had regular periods. 

This month - nothing.

For 14 days my period is late.

There is no need for me to do pregnancy test. At least, I think so. So, what is your suggestion?

Should I try to find the cause of this alone, maybe I can use some natural medications or I should go to visit my doctor?

Any help would be good.