Ok so I am 19 & I have been dating my boyfriend for a year now & I had the birth control shot up until October I stopped taking it..& my friend that takes it says her dr told her it could stay in your system for 10 months & my boyfriend occasionally forgets to pullout or use a condom..anyways this month( July) my period has been totally different..so my period was suppose to come on July 9th but came the 7th so no big deal it was really light like I barely had to change my tampon..it also stopped until the 9th I got it at 6pm..i had a bunch of cramps worst than ever before!! my period was shorter then usual & on the second day the 10th it was a bright red & had a bunch of blood clots like I get blood clots but not as much as I had..the 11th it stopped & but the 12th it came back & it was light light pink blood just when I whipped & when I had a tampon in & took it out..it had a bit of brown spot..ok so anyways yesterday July 17th my boyfriend & I had sex & he didn't pullout he forgot too & we didn't take the morning after pill or anything & I went to the bathroom right after we had sex because we were gonna shower after we had sex I peed & when I whipped there was pinkish light blood & earlier that day I had sharp sharp pain & it went away I a couple seconds..today is the 18th & I don't have anything on the pad but when I whip it's like a light brown color like when your period ends