Can a person ovulate right after her period? if I go back to my last period I would have ovulated only a few days after the period before.. so, this time i dont know when I ovulated but i had light bleeding on day 12 or 13 of my cycle. If I ovulated a few days after my period again (if that was the case) do you think it could have been implantation bleeding? I am on day 17 of my cycle right now. According to the website I use, I'm not due for my period until Oct. 6th. I will give you my dates.... I use "" to keep track...

Aug 13 - Period
Sept 7 - Period (was actually a few days earlier than what the site was saying)
Sept 18-19 - started light bleeding light pink only when I wiped
Sept 20 - nothing
Sept 21 - little heavy dark bleeding in the morning but nothing but light when I wiped off and on the rest of the day
Sept 22 - very light only a couple times when I wiped
Sept 23 - absolutely nothing at all

I've never had this before and my periods are pretty regular, almost to the day. Although, back in June I was having problems:

ok... it started in June. Got my period on time (June 15) except it was really light. Normally they're heavy n last about 4 days. That one lasted like 2 weeks. Stopped for a couple days then was off n on (still light) until my next period (July 14). This one was extremely heavy. Went through a tampon with a couple hours. And it lasted 7 days. That lasted almost 2 weeks and i was still bleeding off and on. I went to the bathroom, decided to take out the tampon n 2 large clots (or something) came out. Bleed a little the next day and the day after that i stopped bleeding completely... also, after the first 2 weeks in June, i called the local nurse and all they said was wait a couple weeks... it got worse so I called again... they said wait... FINALLY, i called Ask A Nurse, and they said to get in within 4 hours of talking to them! So, I went to urgent care and they did urine test and blood test. They said I definately wasnt prego but i had a Urinary Tract Infection... But I WAS STILL BLEEDING! I also had pregnancy symptoms, and bad pain in lower abdomen. It all COMPLETELY stopped after the 2 clots came out. I really believe I had a miscarriage and my periods are back to normal. I think the blood test came back neg bc I didn't go to the dr right away and my HCG levels probably dropped far enough to be not pregnant.

Please help! I just want to know if what I had this last time was implantation or what?! We are TTC and was this SOO bad! I just cant wait for another 2 weeks to find out if Im going to get my period and I always get disappointed :-(

Thank You!!!!!!!!