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I should have gotten my period November 27th so it is only 4 days late but, on the 23rd, I started spotting light pink/brown. This spotting has been going on for 9 days. I missed 3 or 4 birth controls pills and do have unprotected sex. Is this 9 days of spotting my period or could I be pregnant? 


It can very much be that you are pregnant.Three years ago I was on birth control and would miss a few days here and there. I too was having unprotected sex and I ended up getting pregnant. I found out when I was going on three months. And because I didn't know I was pregnant early, I was doing things I shouldn't have done and because of that I had a miscarriage a week later after finding out. So try to take a home pregnancy test as soon as possible. If it comes out negative, go to the doctor's so they can test your blood.Sometimes it's too early for pregnancy tests to detect pregnancy in some woman, so if you still feel other pregnancy symptoms do not ignore them, you can be pregnant!