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hi, i had unprotected sex like a month ago in august 2008 and me and my ex bf did a pregnancy test it came out negative. my period was very late in august it supposed to come the 20th and it came the 28th of august. now it's the 30th of september 2008 and i have my period symptoms no cramps but my breast are heavy and my belly is bloated. but still no preiod. i was wondering could i be pregnant?


LOL, I think every sexually active woman has been where you are! When you have a missed period, am I pregnant is of course the next thing that enters your mind, especially if you had unplanned unprotected sex before and pregnancy was already on your mind anyway! You can then start interpreting normal premenstrual signs like cramping, bloating and heavy breasts as pregnancy symptoms. 

The pregnancy test doesn't lie, however. Unless you took it BEFORE your period was due, you can be really quite sure that negative means negative and that you are not pregnant this time. If you're still worried, you can always repeat the test in a week or so, unless your period comes first. This is likely to happen the moment you stop worrying.