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we are married & 3 years before. But till date she is not conceived.

Also we used to have Intercourse for 20-25mts but very few qty of SEMEN which goes inside her is very few is that ok?

Earlier I used to masturbate & in this connection i want to know as whether due to this will this affect my family planning.
But as i had mentioned sometimes i used to masturbate & after this lot of SEMEN comes out.
So will this be ok if i collect my SEMEN & feed the same into her Vagina by Hand or any problem?

We approached the Gynaecologist who told me to go for a DNA & Thyroid test.
Pl explain me what is this & do i have to go for this Test?

Pl advise


Hi Rasa,

Masturbation should not affect your fertility in any way.

I'm curious as to why you say the quantity of semen that you ejaculate into her is very small. There have been studies that say that having intercourse actually increases the volume and increases the number of sperms in the ejaculate.

Has the gynecologist ruled out issues with your partner?

Thyroid issues can result in infertility but usually the woman gets this test. DNA testing on men is usually performed after ruling out other problems with sperm production or if they suspect genetic defects.

A sperm count would seem to be most beneficial at this point.

Hope it helps, keep us posted.


Please let me know as how much SEMEN has to go into her Vargina
Also since i used to masturbathe can use this SEMEN & insert with Hand?



It only takes 1 sperm to get her pregnant.

Saying that, the average ejaculation is UP TO about 10 milliliters of semen. I'm not sure what you mean "can use this semen and insert with hand." If you are planning to collect your semen for insemination you'd need to inseminate her very quickly. It is not practical for you to manually inseminate her when you can ejaculate in her.

Sperm exposed to the air may live MINUTES to a couple hours at best. Sperm in the vagina can live for 5-7 DAYS.

Did you have those tests done?


Thanks for your advise

Also as i use to masturbate for 5-10 minutes i could collect the SEMEN & insert this in her.

But the doctor also tested my SEMEN & said it is not valid why i dont know??

Pl explain as how to make her pregnant as it is 5 years old??



What is 5 years old?