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Hi guys,

I have came across this site from googling many different problems I think I am experiencing and this is my first time actually posting a personal problem of mine. I tend to just read other peoples problems and relate them to my own, but I feel I need to get it off my chest.

Firstly, I am 16 years old and I masturbate quite a lot. I can masturbate up to 3-4 times a day, I honestly think I am addicted to it as I really dont want to be masturbating this much but I dont have the will power to stop myself from doing it. I think this excessive masturbation is causing me a lot of problems. Firstly, my erections arent very strong. For instanse, once im masturbating and I am fully erect, i let go of my penis and within 5 seconds it will start to go down, surely this isnt normal and is a sign of Erectile dysfunction? This worries me as I have a girlfriend (who is a virgin) but we are planning on having sex soon but I worry that I wont be able to maintain an erection long enough for me to get naked, put the condom on and then penetrate the vagina, I am certain I will be flacid by this time. Is this a sign of ED?

Another problem is because I masturbate too much I seem to have run out of sperm.. I know a man can never run out of sperm and you produce new sperm all the time, but the problem is I seem to masturbate too much that when I orgasm i do not cum as I do not give myself enough time period for my testicles to produce more sperm. Even if I go atleast 15 hours, (i masturbate around 8pm, go to sleep and come home from school at 4pm and masturbate again i still wont produce little to no cum.)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



Hi Jason,

You say you get "fully" erect.  If so, you do not have an ED issue.  

When you masturbate is your goal just to ejaculate, quickly?  If so, you're setting yourself up for premature ejaculation.  The idea should be to make yourself NOT ejaculate quickly.  You can easily go for hours without ejaculating once you get used to it.  Learn to understand what you're feeling and know when you're approaching orgasm.  As you get close, back off.  Keep doing this as long as you can.

Yes, you can run out of semen.  If you could stop, for a day or two, you'd notice a change in the amount of semen you ejaculate.  It also should feel better for you.  Stay out of your bedroom when you get the urge.  Watch TV or go out.

As to concerns with your girlfriend, stop worrying.  You don't know what will happen.  Anxiety alone can kill an erection.  If that happens, do something else, focus on her, not you.  It's not uncommon for a man to not be able to ejaculate their first time.

Be sure to use protection.

Hope it helps.



Hello, thankyou for the response!

Yes I can get fully erect when masturbating but my concern is that when i stop stimulating my penis by masturbating my erection starts to go away instantly. Is this normal? I have tried at home privately, masturbating then stopping to put the condom on and by the time its on i would be semi-erect going on flacid. My friends say their penis wont start to go down for around 30-90 seconds.

And my girlfriend is a virgin, I have had sex before with my previous girlfriend however she would always give me oral before sex and I never used a condom with her (she was on the pill) so i never needed to worry about putting a condom on or anything like that as there only a few seconds from where my penis wasnt being stimulated before i put it inside her.



Yes, it's normal for you to lose your erection when you aren't stimulated.  Don't worry about how long it takes your friends, you are you.  Everyone is different.

Many guys lose a bit of their erection while putting on the condom.  Have her do it.  That way they'll be some stimulation as you talk her through it.

Good luck.