I want to share my story with those who are freaking out about missing their periods after taking Plan B. 

Disclaimer: I regret not taking a pregnancy test, to ease my mind about not being pregnant. 

On August 10, I finished my period and on August 17, I had unprotected sex. I took Plan B a day later and waited. 

A few days later, I had bad cramps, nausea, and light spotting which turned to heavier spotting. Except this time, the blood was bright red and it lasts 3 days. 

Then two months went by, no period. I was getting freaked out. I started reasearching online about how Plan B works and learned that sometimes, if you're already pregnant before you take Plan B, you will still get spotting a few days after taking the pill and you will still be pregnant. 

I was experiencing nausea a month and a half after the bright red bleeding so I really started to freak out. Then I realized, Plan B is a huge amount of hormones taken in by your body, the box and website might say that your period will only be off by a few days, but they're only saying that so they don't have to be liable for not warning people. 

I didn't take a pregnancy test, I just waited it out (I should've, to ease my worried mind). Because I took in so many hormones, my body was just reacting to them and trying to get rid of the extra hormones which is why my period was thrown off for two months and I was expericing pregnancy like symptoms. 

Finally, two months after taking the pill, I got my period. So don't get freaked out by what the Plan B websites say, those are just precautions.

Other causes of a late periods might be stress. I know in September, schoolwork was really heavy so that might have been a factor of why my period was late. 

If you experienced the symptoms I have (like pregnancy) and have taken a pregnancy test that confirms you are pregnant, there are options for you, if you cannot raise a baby at this time. The reason I recommend taking a pregnancy test no later than 5 weeks after taking the pill, (if you didn't get your period) is because there is an abortion pill you can get from your doctor that works only if you are less than 10 weeks pregnant. That way, you can just take an abortion pill instead of getting a physical abortion since physical abortions will be harsh on the body and harm your changes of having a baby in the future. 

I hope this helps, and I hope you all learn from my mistake of not using protection