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I am 20, sexually active and my boyfriend and I always use condoms, a few weeks ago the condom broke, we didn't notice and he came inside me so the next morning we bought the morning after pill.

Two weeks later I started bleeding, so I thought it was my period, But it lasted 4 days and was so light that I didn't even need to use a tampon. This sent me into a minor panic and I thought perhaps it was spotting (implantation bleeding) and not my period.

Today, the day after the bleeding stopped, I went to the chemist and bought a test and it was POSITIVE!!

So, ok, the test is supposed to be done when your period is due, not just after it?! and if what I had was in fact my period it was about a week late. I have been under a lot of stress at work lately and haven't been looking after I thought that was what was to blame, but... the positive test?!

I am in a panic!! I called my boyfriend in floods of tears and told him, and he's booked a doctor appointment for tomorrow to get it confirmed.

Does it sound like I have a hope in hell of *not* being pregnant? Safe sex, morning after pill when the condom broke, and I still get pregnant? ARGH.


No.. Pregnancy tests test for PREGNANCY hormones, these cannot exist unless you are pregnant or taking certain fertility drugs.

You *could* have read the test incorrectly, so a 'confirmation' is always good.

No matter what, you do have options, and you are never stuck with an unwanted pregnancy.


Just an FYI: we went to the doctor yesterday and had it confirmed, I definitely am pregnant. They did a blood test and we need to go back on Tuesday to find out how far along I am........

So, Could i be pregnant? Yes, i am. We've discussed our options, we're definitely not ready for a baby so we're having a termination. And then will go OTT with the BC afterwards I think. Or, abstinence? Sounds like a plan to me.

I hope this doesn't all sound a bit casual, I'm still in shock I think.



I too have had an abortion!!

It is very good to KNOW what you want, and to know you are not ready to have a baby.

Birth control is a good idea, condoms are great, but they can break.

Abstinence is okay.. But really, BC is very very effective.

You can send me a private message if you like.. If you have any questions about abortion, feel free to ask.