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My vaginal area has been feeling weird lately. I have been having really rough sex on a daily baisis and don't know if that could be the cause. I feel sore and sometimes itchy. No pimples or anything just feel sore and itchy at times. Could this just be from non stop rough sex?


Yes, if the vag isn't well lubricated, the friction will cause it to feel like that after sex. I recommend you take it slow the next 2 times and see if the problem continue. If you haven't been with the same partner, you may want to get some std testing. If you truly believe it  isn't an std, try to take it slow the next 2 times you do it and see if it continues to feel that way.



Yea, rough friction may cause this problem, and i think your problem may go away in a few days. If unfortunately, this condition keeps going on, then you may need to see a doctor, since you may have got a yeast infection. Yeast infection is caused by a fungus called "Candida albicans" which is normally found in small amounts in the vigina. This infection is often found on people with weakened immune system, in most cases it is not the sex activities which bring women yeast infections.

Women with yeast infection may develop symptoms including:

Pain/itch/burning at vulva area

Pain/itch/burning in vagina

Pain during intercourse and/or urination

Cottage cheese like vaginal discharge

Swelling and pain around the vulva

I know "99eyao" provides online service for free, maybe you could consult the online doctors for a more profesional suggestion. I think they may help you. Good luck!