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Hey.... am 18 years old.. ma question is... i don really know if this was sex or no bcz ma boyfried put penis in my virgin but not all of it, only half way so am i a virgin or not? And also the second day i tried to test my self by using my 2 fingers and it doesnt hurt when i tried 3 fingers ma virgin really hurt... am i still a virgin?


If a guy's penis has penetrated your vagina, you are no longer a virgin.

You said he only went in halfway. You didn't say how big his penis is, but if if is the average 5.5 inches, then halfway would be 2.75 inches inside. The average relaxed vagina is only 4 inches!

Your fingering has more to do with width than length. One finger can usually be inserted readily in a virgin's own vagina - the hymen usually has a finger-sized hole in it. Two fingers easily inserted probably means your hymen is ruptured. You can check using a hand mirror.

However, whether or not your hymen is intact, virginity is technically lost on first penetration of a guy's penis.

I hope this helps.