my name is sam, and in 2009 my mom was diagnosed with head and neck cancer. she had most of her tumor surgicially removed but still needed chemo and radiation treatments to remove the rest of the tumor. a few months later she started getting these strange fevers and nobody knows how to treat them because none of her doctors know or have a clue to as what it may be. she gets these fevers almost every month and when she gets them, she wake up 3:00-4:00 in the morning to a 100.5-103.0 degree fever. along with that she shakes uncontrolably and have extreme muscle pains all throughout her body, even when she sits she says her hips her so bad. also she gets terrible headaches that dont go away easily, and also has a hard time standing up for more than a few minutes. when i see her with the fevers i can see how physcially and emotionally drained she is. these fevers only last a day or two, but when she has them she isn't able to do any other than lay on her bed and sleep. i have done research online before and i thought she had neutropenia because all the symptoms were ones that she has, but i brought it up to her doctors and they say that she doesn't have neutropenia, but at the same time her doctors aren't doing much to try and figure out what she has, or how to treat the fevers. im writing in because i dont know where else to turn because no doctor seems to listen or spend the time trying to solve this, and my mom can't be the only one with this. if you think you know anybody who has these symptoms, or you have them, please reply and help. if you dont know anyone with this, please please spread the word about this, wheather you tell your family or friends about this, or turn this entry into a chain email, i dont care who but im hoping if the word spreads sooner or later it will come across someone who has the same thing as my mom.