Hi! I've been having nausea for over a month, maybe a month and a half, and its driving me crazy. I'm a 13 year old girl.

When it happened for the first time, I had a stomachache with it. I told my mom, and she said it was probably just a bug. 

Then a week passed, and I thought it was probably the stress from the exams, but then school ended, and it's still here. 

I've never actually thrown up yet, but sometimes I feel like I will.

I can't eat much anymore, either.

I eat as much as I can, but in the end something still happens.

For example, I'll eat something light, and I'll get a stomachache either immediately, or a couple hours later.

Some days are just terrible for me. I'll wake up with a bad stomach, and barely be able to eat anything.

Some days I'll be fine. Yesterday, I was fine. I could eat, and my stomach was fine, and today I could eat breakfast. (but I didn't really because my little brother threw up, and I lost all my apetite :3)

I think I might be getting better, but it's going really slow. I want to get over it quickly. I want to be better by the time school starts again.

I just started keeping a food journal to see what the problem could be, but I haven't found anything.

Also, when I talked to my mom about this, she said it was probably my period. I started my period last year, and for the last two months, it has been especially bad and irregular. Nothing usually happened to me when I was on it, but it has been the worst for me. My mom said because they were so heavy, and I wasn't used to it. I also get a lot of gas, which leads to a lot of stomach aches. After my first heavy one, the stomachaches continued, and then a little while later, the nausea came. It's been like that ever since.

I can drink a lot of water, and be fine, and that's what I usually do. I'm trying to eat as healthy as I can, and eat fruit, veggies, and drink water and juice.

I've also been keeping clear of dairy products.



Sorry if that was all too much info, but I really need answers :3

Thanks! x