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Hi All, My self Ram, My dad ,met an accident on  Aug 2012, We admitted to the Hospital, Doctor  decide to make head surgery to romove the blood from the brain, After Head Surgery , we found  dad is facing issue with memory loss,


Bzos , he is Keep on murmering the Past things, he is not able to reliase sons, wife as well as any one. so After made the operation we recovered our dad, but how about his memory ?


Hi all, Please suggest me , how to recall my dad all previous memory's..






Hi Ram,


Your dad has retrograde amnesia, which means memories from before the accident are impaired or lost. However, memory is a tricky little thing. Depending on what parts of your dad's brain has been effected and how bad the damage is, dictates whether he will remember everything. In some cases, people recover within months or years of a head trauma. Some never regain all their memories. More often than not, those who recover their memories still have incidents that they don't remember- some memories are permanently lost.


Give him lots of time and come up with some ways to help him remember things- photographs, memorabilia, stories- they all help to 're-boot' the memories.

The brain is a wonderful thing and it's surprising what it can do, so just give him time.


Best wishes.