I'm going to skip over the details of my situation, as telling the story in it's entirety would be excruciating and frivolous at best. Basically, I am starting to worry that I was somehow taken advantage of by a guy, and don't remember it. I have never blacked out, and have no lapses in memory, but is there a way I could have been raped, and my brain blocked the memory to protect me? Again, NO memory lapses, but I've heard it's possible to lose memories without actively gaining gaps in memory.

No, I don't typically put myself in compromising situations like parties. And I can tell the full story if someone needs, though I think it doesn't really make a difference in this matter.

Could someone please tell me if this is possible? Could I possibly have dementia, or some other cognitive disease? Is there any way to find out if I blocked a memory from my mind? Yikes!