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Hello! I am a person who has a question. This is probably a good place to do so. I want to ask something about neuro behcet's disorder. In this case would like to ask someone what is recommended treatment for such disorder? I really don’t know anyone right now. If you know I would like to share that opinion with you. Thanks for your respond.


Hi! As I see you need information. I will try to answer to your question with my experience. You want to know something about neuro behcet's treatment. Infliximab treatment is one of the very efficient. I know that is practical for sore orogenital ulceration in Behcet's disorder. Form my sense that is one but maybe is not the best.



I've had Behcet's for 30+ years, and have been writing/researching about it since 1996.

Neuro-Behcet's is hard to treat, because many of the drugs that are used for other BD symptoms don't work well on the neurological problems. Here is a 2009 article that you might want to share with your doctor(s) about managing and treating neuro-BD:

Some sites that might provide extra info for you include:

American Behcet's Disease Association

Behcet's Syndrome Society (U.K.)

A link to the Discovery Health show about my 17-year search for a Behcet's diagnosis

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Joanne Zeis